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New promotional USB drives!

Hi there!

I’m really happy to share with you the new promotional material I did in collaboration with “Wholesale USB Drives“. I love to brand and personalize these kind of gadgets, that I find really useful in terms of promotion, making really easy to share with creatives and clients your digital portfolio.

After choosing a clean and polished design that perfectly match my brand, I’m now able to put inside each USB drives the pdf portfolio that I find more suitable for each of my clients.

An easy way to share the word about my work, hoping to give away an object that could be useful and nice to have around on a working desk! ;-)


New York New York

OK, I admit it. It has been a really long time since I last wrote a post for this blog … But it’s not as if I haven’t been taking any photos, or as if nothing worth reporting has happened in the meantime. Quite the contrary! It’s just that it isn’t always easy keeping up with everything and every now and then it happens that the blog suffers…

Be that as it is, here I am once more!

And this time I’m writing from New York! Well, I have decided to spend around three months here in the Big Apple in order to broaden my horizons and to promote my work on this side of the pond as well. So I am in the midst of a whirl of meetings and rounds of intros, getting to know the local scene.

And of course, this city is brimming with opportunities, overflowing with vistas new. And all this perpetual milling around of people, vehicles and things that just doesn’t ever seem to want to stop has turned my attention to time-lapse technique: short videos, which show in the span of a few seconds events caught over several minutes or even hours of filming.

So I think this film, shot on the anniversary of September 11, might be a good way to share with you a taste of NYC!

Catch you soon! ;-)


Article on “Fotografare” magazine

After a couple of months without posting on the blog, today I want to share my last publication on a photo magazine. In fact, I had the honor to be interviewed for the Italian magazine “Fotografare”. On the February issue, we talk about my commercial career, with some of my works and some lighting diagram too.. So, don’t miss it, get your copy at the local (Italian) newsstand!

See you! ;-)